How are the products shipped?

At Eros Fine Goods, there is nothing more important than a satisfying customer experience. We ensure your privacy is kept on every order with us. Eros sends orders in industry standard unmarked boxes, without any indication of its contents.

What does body-safe mean and why should I buy these toys?

Body-safe means free of harmful chemicals. In other words, not all toys are created equal.
In fact, some toy products are porous and can harbour bacteria that can lead to irritation and infections. Trust us - you don’t want that.
Body-safe toys are made from silicone, stainless steel, and glass, giving you peace of mind to fully explore your desires

What is the NAASAS and why is it important?

The National Association for the Advancement of Science and Art in Sexuality focuses on education and resources for those in the field of sexuality, specifically with a focus on the adult novelty industry. At Eros, we pledge to continue our own education to keep you safe and healthy while bringing you cutting edge, quality products.


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